Closing the site fully in the next month hopefully

Hello, everyone. I've finally moved to Colorado. One of the major goal for this move is to close a long long 15 years chapter of my life and start anew. This means holding onto a site like this for all of those time that I've never really done anything with are just hooks from that chapter that I need to dig out. So I'm quickly migrating my email account from this site to my normal personal email address hence why I'm going ahead and shutting the site down as soon as I can. It's not costing much to hold onto the site but it's still a lil bit of a cash flow that I could free up for other things. $12 yearly plus $6 monthly adds up quick, $84 yearly for something I'm not even using much of anymore. Currently I'm waiting on just one or two online account to properly switch the associated email account elsewhere before shutting the site down fully.

Anyway, hope everything goes good for you all! I know things will get much better for me as I move onto new things!

If you must follow me somehow though, you can always click here to go to my instagram :)